About Me: Chris P Tee - The Man Behind the Magic

Why I Do What I Do

I believe in the incredible power of magic, laughter, and wonder. As an entertainer, my passion lies in bringing joy, amazement, and enchantment to every event I'm a part of. My purpose is to create unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression on the hearts of my clients and their guests. It's not just about performing tricks; it's about crafting experiences that evoke genuine emotions, spark connections, and make memories that endure a lifetime.

Meet the Magician, Entertainer, and Storyteller

From humble beginnings to becoming a sought-after performer, my journey in the world of entertainment has been nothing short of remarkable. With decades of experience and a relentless dedication to honing my craft, I take great pride in being a master storyteller. It's not just about the magic; it's about weaving laughter and surprise into every act to create an immersive experience for my audiences.


Crafting Enchanting Experiences

What sets me apart is not just the tricks I perform, but the heart and soul I pour into every show. Each performance is tailored to cater to the unique needs of my clients. I thrive on creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels like an integral part of the magic. With an infectious energy and a knack for engaging with audiences, I ensure that the magic becomes an unforgettable shared experience.

What My Clients Experience

When my clients book me, they don't just witness a magic show; they become part of the enchantment. The amazement on a child's face as they interact with Santa Claus or the laughter that echoes through a conference hall as I perform my hilarious magic – these reactions are the true testament to the magical entertainment that I deliver. The joy, wonder, and genuine delight my clients experience are what make my heart soar with happiness.

Proven Results

My clients' testimonials speak volumes about the impact of my entertainment. Countless five-star reviews, numerous awards and heartfelt feedback from satisfied clients, along with repeat client bookings, serve as undeniable proof that the magic I bring to every event leaves a lasting impression and keeps them coming back for more.

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About Chris P Tee

Chris P Tee is a multi-talented, award winning entertainer based in Bristol, UK.

With a captivating blend of humor, illusion, and interactive engagement, Chris effortlessly combines the roles of magician, hypnotist, Santa Claus, and children's party entertainer extraordinaire that leave audiences of all ages in awe and laughter that make him a sought-after performer for corporate events, parties, and special celebrations.


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